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We can usually arrange a civil or commercial mediation within 48 hours or less, although an employment or workplace mediation may take longer.  

Once a party makes contact, we will help them understand how to recommend to the other party that you see mediation as a sensible option and suggest a date for the mediation whereupon the parties can confirm if they want to use our Fixed Fee mediation service.

We will then identify and allocate a mediator, provide all parties with details including the agreement to mediate, and, if the decision is made to proceed, will confirm the provisional arrangements and raise an invoice to both parties. Once the fee is paid, the mediation will then be confirmed.


Our Fixed Fee mediation provides the services of a Panel Mediator for a fixed cost that covers all pre-mediation preparation and the mediation time on the day itself up to a maximum of four or seven hours depending on the complexity of the dispute to be mediated. We will select the mediator although, for an additional charge, a list of available mediators can be supplied to allow the parties to make a choice. In those circumstances, an additional fee may be charged if the requested mediator does not operate within our Fixed Fee mediation service.


The Fixed Fee covers the cost of preparation for the mediation and up to four or seven hours of mediation time depending on the time that you or we, in conversation with both parties, suggest will be required. The fee also includes the use of our video conferencing software. If the parties prefer the mediation to be conducted in person then additional costs in relation to travel and accommodation will be charged.


Mediation is efficient, productive and cost-effective. When compared to the costs of litigating a civil or commercial dispute to trial or, in the case of an employment or workplace dispute, the irrecoverable costs to a company of employing external solicitors and counsel, the cost-benefit analysis is compelling. To find out more, or to explore our experience in mediating specific types of dispute, please contact us without obligation.

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